Morning Devotions

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Whoever is patient has great understanding, but one who is quick tempered displays folly. (Proverbs 14:29, NIV)

Life requires patience, whether you are at home, at work, or on vacation. Each and every day presents many situations that have the potential to push your proverbial buttons. Don’t let those instances…




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“Beware! Guard against every kind of greed. Life is not measured by how much you own.” (Luke 12:15, NLT)

Oh, how difficult this is to understand in our modern culture. The world is displaying the highlight reels of life on social media. Envy naturally follows.

But true wealth doesn’t come…



A poem inspired by Ezekiel 37

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I am dry bones, brittle and weak
Waiting, Lord — to hear you speak.

I am dry bones, scattered and broken
Hoping, Lord — for my heart to awaken.

Come, Lord, come.

I am dry bones, dead inside
My life overcome by an evil tide.

But you, O Lord, Your…