A Book Preview — Climb by Andrea Cannon

Andrea Cannon
3 min readFeb 22
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Chapter 1

Abby walked into the kitchen rubbing her eyes and bumped into the edge of the counter. She didn’t think she would ever get used to this new apartment. She missed the house. They were still in Texas, only a few miles from the old house, but everything was different. Even after six months, this place didn’t feel like home. Abby doubted it ever would. She looked around at the boxes strewn everywhere. Her dad didn’t seem to be in any hurry to unpack. Of course, Abby still had unopened boxes in her room as well. Anything but the necessities just didn’t seem important anymore.

She found a bowl and poured herself some Frosted Flakes. She was eating, letting her mind wander, when she noticed an envelope at the end of the bar with her name on it. Abby reached for it, recognizing her mother’s handwriting immediately. She gazed out toward the living room at the urn sitting in the center of the coffee table, and then back down at the envelope. Yes, Abby thought, it is definitely from Mom. She slid her finger under the sticker that held the flap shut. The moment she unfolded the letter, she felt tears fill her eyes.

Hi, Honey,

Happy almost summer. I know this has been a really tough year on you, with me dying and all. Please don’t be upset with me. None of us know when the Lord will be calling us home. Just remember that I love you and will always be with you, no matter what.

Now to the fun surprise. Your dad and I have something wonderful planned for you. I tried to work out all the details, but I’ve been feeling really run down, so your dad helped me a lot. We are sending you to Camp Soaring Eagle this summer! And you can’t say no. I understand you are probably still hurting very much. I know. Trust me when I say that I am missing you as much as you are missing me.

Abby, you need this. You need to get away, out into nature. I hope you will understand by the end of summer, but nature has a way of clearing your head, opening your heart, and releasing grief into the wind.

Dad has all the information about Camp Soaring Eagle. He will give it to you this evening. For now, I want you to enjoy your last week of school, and promise me that you will trust me and have an open mind and open heart when you go to

Andrea Cannon

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