My Degenerating Joints

and the fears they cause

Andrea Cannon


Image by Wolfgang Claussen from Pixabay

Pain. This is what is on my mind lately, mostly because I am experiencing a lot of it. My left foot hurts from the toes up through the ankle. The doc says I need surgery to remove the bunion and realign the bones. My right foot is achy from years of picking up the slack when I subconsciously go easy on the left one.

…a classic “bunion” is a deformity of the entire first ray of the foot — or the top of the big toe to the end of the first metatarsal bone in the foot.

This doctor is one of the best surgeons around. He did a great job on my cousin’s foot, and I trust her judgement.

The doc just seems a little, um, disinterested-like it’s no big deal that we are talking about sawing the bones of my foot into pieces, grinding sections away and then putting them back together with plates and pins and screws. Just another day at the office.

“Yeah, that will solve the pain problem,” he says.

What he’s not saying is that the pain will be a hundred times worse for a long time. Like, maybe even six months.

While recovery after bunion surgery takes about six to eight weeks, full recovery from bunion removal surgery can take an average of four to six months.

So, the question becomes –will it be worth it in the end? My cousin who is four years out from her surgery says yes, absolutely, no regrets. She also said, and I quote, “The recovery was awful, I’m not gonna lie to you.” (Exact quote…it’s on my phone)

I watched a YouTube video of a woman who said she’s on the fence after a year –not thumbs up, not thumbs down –but sideways. A thumbs-sideways isn’t going to be good enough for me. If you’re proposing to completely restructure the bones of my foot, you damn well better get it right! That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.